Girrafe in Mikumi National Park
Girrafe in Mikumi National Park
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Learn Swahili for Free

These words are just few useful words you will need to at least have an idea of what they mean to make your visit to Tanzania memorable and you can be able to interact well with your hosts. We will post more words periodically so come back and check new words any time or you can request meaning of any words you want to know apart from the given one and we will be happy to help, free of charge.



Hi? How are things? Whats up? –  This is a “same age” greetings although it is widely used around many people of different ages in Tanzania. It is an informal greetings.



Cool, Good, great – It is a reply to the “Mambo?” greeting. It is an informal agreement word.



Ok/Agreed – It is a word that expresses an agreement to what is being said/discussed or whatever statement that at the end you have say that you agree, just say SAWA.



No/you do not agree – If you do not agree or you don’t want whatever is being discusses/offered then you just say “HAPANA”. Politely you can say HAPANA ASANTE – No Thank you.


Habari? (Habari yako?)

How are you? Whats the news with you? – This is a formal greetings. Usually you will say HABARI to persons older or you respect .


Nzuri (Nzuri Sana)

Well/Great (Very well, Very great) - As a reply to HABARI? you will reply “Nzuri” or if you are real great and want to add that touch then you will say “Nzuri Sana”


Hujambo? Means How are you?

Also a formal greeting and the reply is “Sijambo”


Jina Lako Nani?/Unaitwa Nani?

What is your name? / What are you called? – You will be asked about your name and some people will say “ Unaitwa Nani?” but they all mean the same, what is your name.

Jina langu ……./ Ninaitwa…..


My name is…./My name is ..

As a reply to the “Jina Lako nani” you will then say “Jina Langu Watu Safaris” or “Ninaitwa Watu Safaris” – if your name is Watu Safaris J otherwise say your name!


That is all for today, keep learning

Asante Sana

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3 days Exploring Selous Reserve

Engage yourself in this 3 days of safari exploring Selous Game Reserve whereby activities includes boat safari in the Rufiji river, full day game drives in the Selous Game Reserve and a bush walking safari in the reserve or outside

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This trip combines 2 activities in 2 different parks and contents and settings. An evening game and a full day game drives in the Mikumi National Park and a day of trekking into the Udzungwa Moiuntains National Park to the famous Sanje waterfalls

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