Sample Safari Itineraries

While every Watu Safaris experience is completely bespoke and tailored to your own  vacation interests, budget and time, the bellow sample itineraries gives an idea of how a safari in Southern Tanzania might be constructed. There are many Southern Tanzania safari options which will entirely depend on your holiday interests. We have included trips which range from day trips starting from Dar Es Salaam or Morogoro town, 2 days trips with one night to Mikumi and/or Udzungwa National Park and 3 days with 2 nights over stay within or outside the park in Mikumi and/or Udzungwa National Park. Walking safaris, Masai village tours, Night game drives, boat safaris (in Selous) are possible addition activities available apart from the tradition game drives.

We do organize pick up and transfers to and from hotels, residences, ferry or airport. Each Watu Safaris guests will be met and greeted by our staff and we are available on 24 hours basis for anything which may need our attention before or during your trip. Longer itineraries are also available all round Tanzania, explore the bellow sample safari itineraries and if you don’t find the right one for you or need a different arrangement get in touch and we can create one for you.

Day Trips or 1 Day Safaris

Please Note: Day trips are a kind of rush trips

Mikumi Day trips involves driving from Dar to Mikumi and back in the same day, with the high traffic in Dar it takes up to 5 hours of driving to get to the park and start the game drives. That means the time spend for game drives is about 4 hours only which of course will not be enough to cover most parts of the park, only selected parts with high possibilities of sighting many animals will be covered so that the driver is able to balance the time to drive back to Dar and that you do not get back to Dar late at night. That being said a day trip will be most suited to those people who are absolutely in need of day trips, those who are in anyway have only a single day to go for a safari. Watu Safaris recommends that if there are possibilities of spending a night within the park or doing a trip of more than one day then it is highly advised not to do a one day trip.

Instead of a day trip you can opt to do the following (there is only slight increase in the price to cover your accommodation and meals – the vehicle costs and park entry fees are the same for both day trips and 2 days trips).

  • You can leave early in the morning to get to the park, do game drives the first day stay over night within the park then continue game drive in the second day till the time you entered the park.
  • Or you can leave Dar the evening of Friday or Saturday (or any day of your choice) drive to Mikumi and spend a night within the park then the next day will have full day game drives (up to 8 hours of game drives) then drive back to Dar after the safari)
  • Or see our sample itineraries for longer trips ranging from 2 to 3 days.

With these options you are sure of enjoying your trip by spending more time in the park viewing the animals.

2 Days Safaris

These options gives you more time for safari than day trips. It covers 2 days and 1 night stay.

3 Days Safaris

With these options you will have 3 days of safari and 2 nights stay, different parks have been provide for you to choose from

4 Days Safaris

Here you have sample programs for 4 days with 3 nights stay. You have more time than 3 days safaris above. Have a look.

5 Days Safaris

You get 5 days with 4 nights stay. Also more tome to visit several parks during your safari.

Longer Safari Itineraries

Explore different safari options that takes more than 5 days. You have a chance of visiting more parks and doing more activities.

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