Girrafe in Mikumi National Park
Girrafe in Mikumi National Park
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Unforgettable Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is the best safari country in the world, inhabited by friendly and warm-hearted people. It offers the traveller the unforgettable African Safaris with the beauty of nature, wildlife and beaches - away from the crowds, back to the essence. The soul of Africa, simple and inspiring, Unforgettable Tanzania.

At Watu Safaris, we hope to take you on a real Tanzania tours and safaris, showing you as much of the country’s rich and diverse beauty as possible with all available tailor made African Safaris in Tanzania. The best times to visit Tanzania are between June to October, when the weather is warm and mild, or in the early months of the year when temperatures across the country range from the mid-twenties to the low-thirties.

But rising from the flat plains of Eastern Tanzania, the forests of the Udzungwa Mountains are on hand to offer a cooling refuge. The primeval forests climbs to over 2,000 meters, and visitors can spot birds, monkeys and butterflies as they explore the mountains. Trails suited to hikers of all abilities are available, and you can reward and refresh yourself with a dip in a pool at the peak or in the misty spray from the 550 feet Sanje Waterfall. While Udzungwa offers the opportunity to see a unique ecosystems. All over Tanzania you will find a wealth of wildlife. In Mikumi National Park alone you have the chance to see lions, zebra, wildebeest, impala, giraffes and more than 400 species of birds. It is also the most reliable place in Tanzania to spot the Eland, the world’s largest antelope, while hippo and crocodiles roam the water holes.

You can find out much about the history of Tanzania among the ruins of Bagamoyo on the coast north of Dar Es Salaam. Around 5km south of the town, the mosques and tombs at the Kaole ruins from the 13th century illustrate the country’s roots in Islam, while there are also many historical sites linked to the town’s ivory and slave trading activities in the 19th century, when it was the original capital of German East Africa. As well as a wealth of history, the town is also known for its beautiful beaches and its dhow fishing.

Just off the Tanzanian coast, the spice-island Zanzibar has some of the best beaches in the world. And if relaxing on the beach all gets a bit much, you can take the time to explore the bustling port in Stone Town or visit the Menai Bay Conservation Area, which works to protect the endangered sea turtles that come to breed on the island.

About Watu Safaris

Watu Safaris (T) Ltd is a travel company, incorporated and licensed as a Tour Operator in Tanzania. Our aim is to provide tailor made African tours and Safariss in Tanzania in a personal, friendly yet professional approach. Each visitor has his or her own ideas about what a safari should entail. With our vast local knowledge about life, traditions and culture in Tanzania we will make sure all your expectations are met. Whatever purpose you have and whatever you want to achieve, We have you covered.

WATU (in Swahili) means "People" in English. We organizing life experience safaris in Tanzania in a personal, friendly yet professional approach to suit each customers African Safaris interests, budget and time. Not only do we offer wildlife oriented tours but we also offer Tanzania tours and safaris packages to cover tradition destinations off the beat and track so you can get a real taste for what African Safaris experience and life is like. We have an experienced team, our directors, Managers, Drivers/Guides and other support staff are wildlife and tourism professionals, and have been organizing tours for the past 10 years in Tanzania. We hire and employees experienced professional staff to ensure that your next safari in Tanzania is in good hands.

We give back to our community

At Watu Safaris we understand that education is very important and it is the only valuable that a human being will never get deprived of once in possession that's why we are working together with other education stakeholders in Buigiri village, Dodoma to establish a learning centre Watu Learning Centre which will include a village library to help educate the young generation and other villagers.

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